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Final hair removal

Intense pulsed light IPL is extremely fast. In comparison with laser and electrolysis, this technology allows more comfort and less time spent during the hair removal session. In addition, burn injury risks are reduced and the investment is cost-effective.

Skin care

Discover all that your skin can be! I use a wide array of different techniques to help emphasize your face in a subtle and natural way.  The care I provide is always gentle and results are progressive but lasting.

Eyelashes extension

A polyester or real mink addition applied on each single eyelash you have to enhance their volume.  A wide variety of effects can be created since eyelashes come in different thickness, length, and shapes We also have the 3D very light and the most comfortable on the market.  A natural, professional look or a more glamorous one, yours to choose!


the key to beauty and healthy skin

À propos

Increasingly, people feel the pressure of success conveyed by society and they feel an even more important pressure to stay young and attractive.

When it comes to beauty, my technical knowledge and expertise makes me a savvy professional to refer to.

Health and beauty enthusiast as I am, I am restlessly seeking to learn the most safe and the most effective new and non invasive techniques to improve skin appearance, eliminate imperfections and get rid of any unwanted hair.

A few years ago, I have found a device that shed new light and transformed my approach to esthetics: the IPL photolaser with GEM technology (geometrical energy management). Since, I have become specialized in aesthetic corrections: permanent hair removal, rejuvenation, pigmentation spots removal, rosacea and acne care and more. With the addition of thermocoagulation, I get to witness small miracles happening under my own eyes everyday on my client’s skin.

In addition, I also have the ability to make your daily routine easier with eyelashes extension.

It will be a pleasure to meet for care assessment. You will see; the experience is a stunning one!

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